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Welcome to my web site. It consists mainly of essays and interviews. The essays are in the areas of Buddhism and philosophy. The interviews focus on people in the arts and also explore the issues brought up in the essays. If you have not visited before, you might find the Introduction helpful. I plan to update the site frequently so return often. Please feel free to share your reactions.

Introduction Why I created this site.    Update: 11/20/01
Essays Fervor in the process of spiritual development.
False and Real Virtues.
It's Not Richard- a variation on no-self.
A Working Definition of Religion and some further thoughts. A Working Definition of Religion: summary and a problem.
Resonance and coincidence.
There must be some way out of here.
Short Essays: pieces too small to have their own sections.
Update 04/15/01
Update 11/21/01
Update 04/28/01 Added 05/07/01 Added 05/15/01 Added 05/28/01 Added 01/01/03 Update 02/20/03
Interviews James Schlefer, Shakuhachi Master
Bill Richards, Artist, Former Director of the Art Studio at NCSC
Update 04/02/02
Update 12/06/06
Links Some links to sites I like. Update: 9/10/01
On Line Journal Day to day events and thoughts;
Archive of journal entries 2001 through 2003.
Added 9/06/01
Update: often.

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