Introduction Why I created this site.

Originally I wanted to have a place to put some essays that I had been working on over a number of years. The essays are on various topics - mostly in the areas of Buddhism and philosophy - and writing them has been my way of exploring these ideas. Since I've worked on these essays over time, they are not consistent with each other, and I have chosen not to rewrite them to make them so. This lack of consistency reflects my own lack of certainty about some of these issues, and sometimes, my inability to articulate my own thought clearly.

Now, several years after posting most of the essays, I find that I would certainly say things differently were I to revisit them. However, that also seems like a poor use of time and energy - reworking things beyond a certain point takes all the life out of them. It is more productive to work on new essays.

This site also has sections about master shakuhachi artist and teacher, James Schlefer, and artist Bill Richards. I may write more interviews in the future, but none are in the works at present.

Finally, I have an online journal, and that is updated occasionally. There is a second, more private journal focusing almost entirely on my experiences in my Buddhist practice. It has not been linked to this site, but if you would like to read it, send me an email, and I'll reply with the URL.

I want to thank my friend, Pam Phillips , whose encouragement and editorial and web design help has been essential in putting my site together.

I will be happy to receive any comments you send. Thanks for visiting.
Susan Law
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