New Sounds with John Schaefer, a Production of WNYC-FM PROGRAM #2025, with Steve Gorn and James Nyoraku Schlefer (first aired on 3/28/02)
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Credits and Links

Credits for sound files:

Title Played by Source To purchase:
Kumoijishi James Nyoraku Schlefer CD Wind Heart Tai Hei Shakuhachi  
Solstice Spirit James Nyoraku Schlefer CD Solstice Spirit Sparkling Beatnik  or Tai Hei Shakuhachi
Shika no Tone Yamaguchi Goro & Aoki Reibo Japan Victor Mejiro - in Japan  Click on Best Seller
Tabibita no Uta James Nyoraku Schlefer CD Wind Heart Tai Hei Shakuhachi  
Sagariha Taniguchi Yoshinobu CD Ajikan Tai Hei Shakuhachi  
Reibo Nagasi Yamaguchi Goro Japan Victor Mejiro - in Japan  Click on Best Seller
Haru no Umi James Schlefer & Masayo Ishigure  Composer - Michiyo Miyagi Not Available


The links here are only those most relevant to the interview with Jim Schlefer. Anyone who wishes to pursue the topic of the bamboo flute further will find all the information and links they need on Monty Levenson's Tai Hei Shakuhachi site listed below.

James Nyoraku Schlefer  This is Jim's web site. It contains information about his Shakuhachi Dojo, samples of his CD's, his performance schedule, photos, and contact information.

Yoshio Kurahashi  Kurahashi sensei travels regularly to America to teach. This site gives his schedule and information on how to contact him. There is also a list of his CD's.

Ronnie Nyogetsu Selden  Ronnie Selden's site. There is a brief biography, information about Ronnie's teaching, his recordings, his performance and teaching schedule, contact information, and a list of flutes for sale.

Tai Hei Shakuhachi   Monty Levenson's site. If you want more information about the shakuhachi itself, music, teachers, and events you will find it here. Monty makes and sells fine flutes and accessories, music, CD's, and books. He maintains a list of current teachers and schools, an extensive calander of events, many articles about the shakuhachi, and general information about it as well. His list of links is exhaustive and well maintained. You can order online from the catalog, or request a catalog by mail.

The International Shakuhachi Society   This organization is a world forum for people interested in the shakuhachi. The site contains information about the various styles (schools), biographies of most of the great players of the past, and of many contemporary players as well. There is a very useful glossary.

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